28-day Happiness Challenge


Take the 28-day Happiness Challenge... on us!

Living a happy life doesn’t have to be a cliché… You can flourish just by doing some small tweaks to your life.

You don’t believe us? Try it out! Sign up this FREE challenge. Get an email from us with easy-to-implement tips for 28 days. Take action. Happinessify your life!

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What our Happinessifiers say about it...

"I love your daily challenges Erika! Short, actionable, and BIG impact. So glad I found you!"
“BIG impact”,
"What an amazing gift! Thank you so much, Erika!"
“What an amazing gift!”,
"I love the AGE plan from Challenge #19! This will help me so much in my everyday life! Very good guidance, thank you!"
“This will help me so much in my everyday life!”,
"Thank you for Happinessify! Congratulations for having set up such an inspiring activity and helping so many people. I've also sent it to a few friends who told me they are doing it and enjoying it. It's so strange how all the messages that 'I need' come to me, as reminders. And I look forward to it every day!" ~ Effie M.
“I look forward to it every day!”,
Thanks for the 28 days Challenge, it's beyond my imagination!? I really appreciate your generosity!
“Beyond my imagination!”,

This is how it works:

1. Sign up for the Challenge

Hit the ``Start Challenge`` button below and enter your name and email address.
As soon as you confirm your participation, you'll receive a welcome email with details of how the challenge will work.

2. Do a Happiness Hack per day

Each day, for 28 days, you'll get an email with a short, actionable tweak in it.
Read the 'why' and the 'what' and implement it!
Start the free 28-day Happiness Challenge

3. Meet other Happinessifiers

We have a private group where Happinessifiers meet.
Join us, share your experiences and ask questions if got stuck.
Take the 28-day Happiness Challenge!
          Get an email from us with easy-to-
          implement happiness hacks 
          for 28 days. Take action.

Happinessify your life!

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