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Let’s start from the basics. Why would you care for your strengths? No idea? REALLY? Then read my previous article on 15 reasons why smart people care for their strengths –...
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(You’re based in Brussels and looking to discover your strengths? We have something delicious for you!) Character strengths, signature strengths, talents, superpowers… Everybody has them. Yet, not everyone recognizes theirs....
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A 2013 survey by APA’s Center for Organizational Excellence found that one-third of US employees experience chronic work stress, the main causes being workload (46%) and people issues (28%), followed by work/life...
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You’re grown up. You’re reasonable. Your decisions are thoughtful and deliberate. You have a to-do list with all the practical things to arrange… and often YOU are the only item...
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Finding happiness in your job is important. It’s one of the 4 pillars of your life, along with family, passion and friends. But if you’re a business owner, it gets...
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In average, people spend 90,000 hours at work in their lifetimes. Spending it with negative energy has an effect on people around you (coworkers, family). Also, it might lead to...
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How are you doing with music? Do you love music… hate music… or you just don’t care? I personally love music and everything it represents! The rhythm, the beat, the...
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Let me get this right peeps! There are two camps to the battle: From one side, the “there-is-happiness-as-such-you-just-need-to-work-for-it” fans. And from the other, the “life-is-a-roller-coaster-you-cannot-be-happy-all-the-time” supporters. Who is right? Before...
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