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Happiness is not a spectator sport, as Christopher Peterson, founding father of Positive Psychology put it. And indeed, you will not experience bliss, unless you do something about it.

And the change starts with you…

Building a happy life is not about changing others. You’ll rarely succeed.

It’s about

– Taking on a new, more powerful perspective

– Having a new, more empowering attitude; and

– Introducing new, more happinessifying habits.

If you’re ready to do that, and take your life to a next level (achieve more happiness at work, in your relationships, with your passion and purpose and in your everyday life), then this site and community is just the right thing for you.

Erika Kalmar

Your champion and guide to build a happy life, and get the joy and fulfillment you crave

Erika Kalmar is your Chief Happiness Officer, Cheerleader and Strengths Coach, Founder of Happinessify.

I help awesome people like you to build a happy life (at work, your relationships and your everyday life) and people-minded organisations to build happy teams.

I’m also the Founder of Online Biz Wiz, where I coach small biz owners on online marketing. My other passion business is Terpsichori Greek Dance Circle, where I teach Greek traditional dances and host international dance events.

In 2016 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, an extremely agressive type, and went through chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy the following nine months.

Despite serious health challenges, I felt more joy during this period than the previous two years together. This lead me to a strucking conclusion…

happiness is not about circumstances. It’s within you!

And as such, you have the power to change it.

In a quest for understanding the phenomenon of happiness and well-being, I read numerous resources, books and research, signed up to courses and finished the Positive Psychology specialization at the University of Pennsylvania, learning from founding father Martin Seligman, Jan Pawelski (strengths), Karen Reivich (resilience) and Angela Duckworth (grit), just to name a few of my favorite teachers.

Now I’m on a mission to share the love on happiness and help people make small tweaks that will translate to BIG changes in your life.

5 Things About Me That Might Surprise And Delight You...

#1: One of my big passions is – Greek traditional dances. In my 20 years’ of research I gathered a massive number of over 1,300 traditional dances (and still counting!). I’m also teaching and hosting internationally renown dance seminars.

As a multi-passionate, apart from Greek dancing, I’m also interested in European history, travel, fine cuisine, oenology, positive psychology, child education and good crime stories. (You too? Hit me up and let’s connect! 🙂 )

#2: I’m a real international – I lived and worked in 6 countries. Besides, I love traveling! You can find me in the high mountains of Austria, the picturesque Medieval towns of Sicily or North of the Arctic Circle watching the Northern Lights.

(Let’s play! Can you guess what my next travel destination will be? Just shoot me an email. No prize to win, just for the fun…)

#3: I’m a language freak – I speak English, German, French, Greek, Italian and Hungarian. I learned and forgot most of my Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Esperanto and I’m currently (re)learning Russian.

#4: My major character strength is Love of Learning. I have a degree in Translation and a master in Human Resources. I’m a Professional Coach, certified by the International Coach Academy and hold a certificate in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, where I had the opportunity to study with the founding fathers of Positive Psychology. I’m also a certified Social Media Manager.

#5: My life is all about consulting, teaching and coaching. (Have I told you that Explanation was another of my top strengths?)

I taught German to the nighbor’s kid when I was 9. I taught Maths to pretty much all younger kids in our street at the age of 14. And then continued with language classes for another 10 years.

Having spent 7 years as a Travel Consultant and 5 years as a Recruitment Consultant, I moved to the field of training, mentoring and coaching, as well as Performance Coaching before setting up my own business.

As a Career Coach, I helped dedicated individuals profile jobs and get them. As a Small Biz Coach and Founder of Online Biz Wiz I supported brilliant online business stars find their way in the maze of digital marketing.

I did both face-to-face and virtual coaching, as well as designed and published online training programs with success.

After my recovery from breast cancer, I launched myself as a Happiness Coach and Founder of Happinessify. When I’m in my right element, you can find me write a blog post, do happiness research, speak or deliver a Strengths Training.

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“What an amazing gift!”,
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“This will help me so much in my everyday life!”,
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