Let me get this right peeps!

There are two camps to the battle:

From one side, the “there-is-happiness-as-such-you-just-need-to-work-for-it” fans.

And from the other, the “life-is-a-roller-coaster-you-cannot-be-happy-all-the-time” supporters.

Who is right?

Before you get into disagreement about this with your spouse or neighbor, let me dissolve a myth.

Life is not one or the other!

And if you look at the two statements, you can easily see that they are not that contradictory after all.


Happiness is definitely something you can work for. It’s coming from inside (there is lots of proof for this!), so if you’re smart enough, you’re twisting a couple of things in life to be happier (happy-ish?).

Happiness is a state of general well-being, leading a good life, flourishing. Click To Tweet

With this said, you don’t have to imagine that you would recognize reaching a happy and fulfilled life if you’re smiling and laughing all the time!

There’s no such thing, have you noticed?

Life is indeed a roller coaster with emotional ups and down, happy moments and sad moments, alternating every minute for some… or every year for others.

So what does it mean to be happy at all? Isn’t it that state when you smile?

Would sound the next logical question.

And the answer – nope!

Happiness is a state of general well-being. Leading a good life. Flourishing. A quality of life. A certain contentment.

It’s NOT about a momentary emotional state.

It’s what you do with your life.

It’s how you elevate it to the next stage.

It’s how you… happinessify!

Happinessify is the act of elevating your life by tweaking some things in your life so you flourish. Click To Tweet

Of course, you can also feel momentary emotions of happiness. When you get a gift… When you eat out with a friend… When you reach your goal… When you get that damn job…

You feel joy and happiness, you feel like smiling or laughing or singing or dancing…

But in itself it doesn’t mean that you’re having a happy life.

And it’s also true the other way around – you can experience grey or black moments and phases while leading a happy life.

It’s totally fine!

What I just want you to know is – it’s okay not to smile all the time.

It’s okay to be angry, frustrated, jealous, anxious, sad, bored, afraid, lonely, regretful or shocked.

Just pay attention to the balance.

Will you?

Let’s happinessify… ūüôā